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To contact our Guest Concierge, click here...
To contact our Guest Concierge, click here...

Guest Concierge: Robin Holland

Ph: (412) 779-0307


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Monthly topics that promote healthier lifestyles...

Yoga for Health
If you have never done a tree pose or cat-and-cow pose, it might be a time to give them a try. More and more research studies and meta-analysis are supporting yoga's health benefits. Click on image below for more information.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

2022 Shenandoah Experience
July, 20-24 2022
Harrisonburg, VA

2022 Shenandoah Experience - July, 20-24 2022

2022 Lewisburg Gravel Grinder
Oct, 6-8 2021
Lewisburg, PA

Lewisburg GG 2022

2022 Chautauqua Lakefest
Sep 16-18, 2022
Mayville, NY

2022 Chautauqua Lakefes

March movie date is on the calendar

Getting prepared for the riding season?

Registration opens on March 4th

Our annual BYO Picnic + Ride

2023 Moraine Fondo

Registration is already open for Shenandoah!

Returning in the Fall to the Lake...

2023 Chautauqua Lakefest

...and to the Forest for our Premier Gravel Event

2023 Lewisburg Gravel Grinder

Fall Foliage returns to Pymatuning for 2023

2023 Fall Foliage

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Recent Blogs
Recent Blogs

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Welcome to the Premier Bicycle Club of Western Pennsylvania

In late 2016, nine recreational riders in the North Hills of Pittsburgh came together with an ambitious goal founded on a pragmatic vision. They established the Premier Bicycle Club on the tenet of offering a best-in-class bicycling club that could target a wide range of riders and their unique strengths.  To live up to the name “PREMIER”, the founding members desired the club to run in a professional manner, utilize newly available technology, and offer a wide variety of local, remote-start, and multi-day rides accessible to riders of varying abilities and ambitions. Understanding the importance of a comprehensive approach to wellness, officers and board members have promoted healthy eating at club events and encourage all to enjoy the shared experiences and camaraderie amongst other members. Since its inception, the club has experienced rapid membership growth and continues to prove it is The PREMIER Bicycle Club! Find out for yourself.

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The Premier Bicycle Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Non-Profit Organization

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