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Board of Directors


Director, Bridget Ferris

When she isn't out riding, Bridget is a lawyer at a mid-sized Pittsburgh law firm. She and her boyfriend live on the Northside with their dog and a growing collection of bikes.

Director, Ray Brodersen, Ride & Ride Leader Coordinator

Ray Brodersen
I have been cycling for many years and continue to find it an enjoyable way to add exercise to a healthy lifestyle choice. Cycling has been a great way to get outdoors, socialize, meet people, and make friends. And sometimes it can be quite the adventure. It's great if you can make it in New York....But if you can cycle in Western PA, you can cycle anywhere.

Director, Elliot Dater

Since childhood, riding a bike has meant freedom to me. Freedom to explore beyond my neighborhood and the ability to get my first job as a newspaper boy. I bought my first road bike at the age of 13, although we just called them 10 speeds. As an adult, I find cycling to be a great way to get outside, exercise and be in the present moment. Whether road cycling, trail riding or tooling around trails on a fat bike, I love being in tune with what’s going on around me as I move through the world.

Over the last 15 years I have alternated between group rides, solo efforts, long distance road rides and more limited mountain biking. I have done the Alyn Pediatric Rehabilitation Hospital Wheels of Love ride 4 times, riding around Israel for a great charity, the Keystone MS 150 Ride several times and a variety of charity rides, centuries and group rides. As I get older, the Club’s message of healthy living and healthy eating, resonates with me more and more as I combine a plant based, whole foods diet with cycling. I am excited to serve the members of the Club as a member of the Executive Council and look forward to riding and breaking bread with you all!

Director, Corinne Vano

Riding takes me away from the everyday stress of life.", states Corinne. She continues, "Cycling helps me feel like I accomplish things for myself. While every ride has its challenges, I feel good knowing I did it!". Corinne has completed the Pittsburgh to Washington, DC trip on the GAP and C & O Canal Towpath trails twice. She also rode at RAGBRAI in Iowa (where she is from) and in the Finger Lakes region at the Bon Ton Roulet. She specifically enjoys weekend events that offer multiple days of riding because she likes seeing different places and new scenery while on two wheels.

Director, Jim Morgan

Jim Morgan
I'd rather be out riding every day, than working, so try to fill that desire by commuting to my client's offices whenever I can. Living in the city, bike commuting is usually more convenient than driving, doesn't take as long as you would expect, and parking is free! It's also a great end-of-day stress reliever. When I'm not working, I volunteer to lead rides for the club, manage the club's website, and enjoy long weekend rides.

I am a strong believer in healthy eating and have been exploring what it means to adhere to and advocate for a vegan diet for over 20 years.

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