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Good Rider Etiquette

Although there are varying opinions of what constitutes good group riding etiquette, many agree when it comes to some core elements. Whether it be a race, a club group ride, a special event, or a charity ride, there are several things to keep in mind that will have others feeling like you're a safe and fun rider to be with.  

In an attempt to make all group rides a better experience for you, we've simplified things for you below.  

Be READY to ride on-time! Good riders have their bikes in good shape, their gear well organized, show up to rides early, and are ready to roll out on-time.  If something  prevents you from arriving on-time, contact the ride leader as early as possible so he/she can keep the group informed. Also, if you need or plan to leave a group ride early, inform the ride leader.

RESPECT the ride! Ride leaders are volunteers who give their time and energy to planning the route, rest stops, and sometimes more details to make the ride the best experience possible for other riders. Good riders respect the ride leader's plan for the ride and don't try to change how the ride was classified. Or they choose a ride that is more appropriate for the type of riding they like to do.

BE a GOOD EXAMPLE! Good riders set a good example by respecting each other, following traffic laws, communicating with others, and practicing safe riding.  Not only do we want to set a good example to our community, we want less experienced riders to learn good habits that make riding more fun and safe for everyone.

RIDE with your guest! When you invite a guest to a club ride, good riders make sure their guests are taken care of by having them sign our club waiver of liability form, introducing them to other club members, and riding with their guest. You know your guest better than anyone, and by riding with them they'll feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience of the ride even better.

BE a SAFER rider! While there are many things that help to be a safer rider, we complied a list of ten principles we feel are most important.  We recommend all members review this list of principles.  Click here to download the document "10 Principles of Safer Group Riding" and all members should read our Rules of the Road by clicking here.

FOR your SAFETY! For ALL club rides and events, please remember that wearing a helmet is MANDATORY.

Please use the links below to get more specific ideas on how you can improve your group good riding skills so that other riders enjoy seeing you on rides and sharing their experiences with you.

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